ICE SHIP, Charles W. Johnson's latest book, recounts the thrilling journeys of the Fram through the ice and to the poles. . . .

"This book deserves to be on the shelf with Stefannson and Matthiessen—an indelible masterpiece."  

- Howard Norman, author of Next Life Might Be Kinder

"A well-researched and highly readable account of the greatest of all polar exploration vessels. . . .A must for any polar library."  

Jerry Kobalenko, author of The Horizontal Everest: Extreme Journeys on Ellesmere Island

"[the Framtraveled through ice-riddled waters with utmost confidence, grace, and muscle. . . .[and] Charles Johnson's narrative travels through those same waters with a similar confidence, grace, and muscle."  

- Lawrence Millman, author of Last PlacesLost in the Arctic, and Hiking to Siberia