The Nature of Vermont: Introduction and Guide to a New England Environment

University Press of New England, Hanover, New Hampshire. 1980, 2nd ed. 1998.

"Johnson is not only Vermont's official state naturalist but a talented writer as well, and has written an excellent and highly informative natural history of the state."—Chris Bohjalian, Vermont Life

This expanded edition of an established work offers a generously illustrated natural history set in the context of the state's geologic and human pasts. A broad ecological overview written in engaging narrative for lay readers as well as naturalists, conservationists, and biologists, the book is enhanced with more than 140 photographs, drawings, maps, and diagrams. Also a practical guidebook, it directs people to where they can see what is being discussed, gives current references, and offers a complete directory of conservation organizations in the state.

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Bogs of the Northeast

University Press of New England, Hanover, New Hampshire. 1985.

The first popular book to deal with bogs in a comprehensive yet authoritative manner, covering the ecology and natural history of peatlands in six New England states, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. 

“Provides a wealth of information about the ecological communities of Vermont, overcoming the monotony of taxonomic details with an engaging style which shares his personal excitement over the wonders and secrets of nature...Visitors and residents alike will find it a rewarding glimpse into the nature of the Green Mountain State.”—Vermont History 

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In Season: A Natural History of the New England Year (with Nona Estrin)

University Press of New England, Hanover, New Hampshire. 2002.

In words and pictures, two naturalists show that close attention to nature reveals constant change.  Estrin's watercolor sketches and journal notes around New England, are accompanied by Johnson's essays on seasonal themes (e.g., migration, hibernation, etc.)

With its mix of detailed observation and overarching explanation, as well as the stunning color reproductions of Estrin’s on-the-spot watercolors, In Season offers an appreciation of the natural world in New England that is rooted in the specific experience of its ceaseless alternations.

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Vermont Life Guide to Fall Foliage: Leaves and Landscapes of a Northern Autumn (with Gale Lawrence)

Vermont Life Books, Montpelier, Vermont. 2000.

A visual and descriptive guide to tree species and ecosystems, with color photographs and black-and-white drawings. This guide is for everyone who appreciates Vermont's glorious autumn. Whether you are the casual observer in awe of the colorful splendor or the beginning naturalist who wants to know the scientific processes behind each changing leaf, this books is indispensable. From a distance or up close, on whatever level you choose to participate in the annual spectacle of Vermont foliage, this informative and practical guide is your key to unlocking the mysteries of autumn.

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Ice Ship: The Epic Voyages of the Polar Adventurer Fram

University Press of New England (ForeEdge), Lebanon, New Hampshire. 2014.

The life story of the most innovative and famous polar ship of all time, the Norwegian vessel Fram, involving three extensive expeditions, two Arctic and one Antarctic, in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

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